Also known as
Il Signor Max
Italy [1937] - 86m
Romance, Comedy
Directed by
Mario Camerini
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January 14, 2021


Another early Mario Camerini with Vittorio De Sica in the lead role. They were quite a team back then, their films must've been pretty successful too, looking at how many they made in such a relatively short span of time. They're easy entertainment for sure, but I liked this one a little less than the other two I've seen.

Gianni is the owner of a newsstand and saved up enough money to go on a little vacation. A stroke of good luck lands him on a cruise, where he is mistaken for a wealthy man. Girls flock to him, but it's Lauretta, a simple maid, who falls for Gianni's personality, not the promise of his non-existent wealth.

Performances are solid, the tone of the film is light and the pacing is decent. It's also not a terribly long film, but earlier Camerini's I've seen were shorter and since the story is very simple, that worked out a bit better. Mister Max is still a decent watch, but it started to drag just a little near the end.

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