Hap Ga Foon
1989 / 100m - Hong Kong
Mr. Coconut poster


September 25, 2020


Clifton Ko is one of Hong Kong's comedy legends, but most of his films have little international appeal. Mr. Coconut is such a film. Though presented as a comedy, Michael Hui and Raymond Wong really aren't all that funny the without solid comedians doing the heavy lifting, Ko lacks the skills to make something of this film.

For a comedy, way too much attention goes to the plot, which isn't all that interesting to begin with. The story about a country bumpkin who ends up in the big city isn't exactly new, and Mr. Coconut fails to add anything substantial to the many films that came before.

There's a lot of nervous banter, characters being loud and actors overacting, but it never amounts to anything funny. I'm really not surprised these films never made it big outside of Hong Kong. Ko is very hit-and-miss, if you want to make an educated guess before picking one of his films, it's probably best to just check whether you can stand the cast.