1994 / 106m - Australia
Muriel's Wedding poster


September 04, 2022


A pretty solid Australian rom-com. There are some offkey dramatic moments that felt a little out of place, but for the most part, the film is pretty funny, without having to resort to overly simplistic gags and obvious plot twists. That's not to say the film is wildly original, but it's certainly above-average genre fare.

Muriel is an outcast living in Porpoise Spit. None of her so-called friends like her, her family looks down on her and all she cares about is listening to ABBA and getting married. She turns her life around and elopes, moving to Sydney to start her life anew. But taking on a new identity doesn't change who she is on the inside.

Toni Collette was surprisingly funny, the supporting cast is pretty solid too, the plot isn't too conventional and the pacing was on point. It's not an incredibly memorable film and I'm sure it'll feel like you've seen it all before, but as rom-coms go, it's one of the more palatable ones.