2003 / 109m - China
Nuan poster


November 05, 2022


A pleasant and gentle little romance. Jianqi Huo delivers a simple but endearing romance set in the Chinese countryside. The lovely setting, likable characters, and lack of strong drama make this an easy watch, but also a bit too safe and soft-voiced at times. Fans of the man's work won't be disappointed though.

After 10 years, Jinghe returns to his hometown. He reconnects with Nuan, the girl he left behind all those years when he went off to study at a city college. Nuan is married and has a daughter, but it's clear that her feelings for Jinghe haven't subsided just yet. There's still a lot unsaid between the two.

The performances are nice, the score is gentle, and the Chinese countryside is idyllic. The film is quite predictable though and Huo has improved this very formula later on in his oeuvre, but the core of the romance works and that's more than enough to recommend this film to whoever is looking for a sweet and cute little romantic film.