Ling Hei Bik Yan
1984 / 96m - Hong Kong
The Occupant poster


September 21, 2021


Early Ronny Yu, early Yun-Fat Chow. The Occupant is a very basic 80s Hong Kong comedy. Sure enough, Yu tries to add some trademark supernatural elements, but at no point in this film do you get the feeling things are actually supposed to be scary. It's much safer to approach this film with the idea you'll be watching a core comedy, if you want to keep your expectations in check.

Angie is a young writer who returns to Hong Kong after spending her childhood in Canada. She comes back to write a book about Chinese superstition and hits the jackpot when a guy lands her a haunted flat. At first, Angie tries to rationalise the strange events happening in and around her flat, but soon enough it's clear the ghosts are trying to tell her something.

Raymond Wong and Yun-Fat Chow aren't the greatest comedy geniuses, the plot is very predictable and Yu's signature style isn't there yet. It's really just a simple comedy with a supernatural edge. The pacing is decent, the runtime short and the overall vibe is pleasant enough, other than that The Occupant has no real selling points. Basic filler.