2022 / 93m - USA
The Offering poster


January 24, 2023


A decent but simple horror film. What sets this film apart is the Jewish/American setting, drawing from their cultural/religious lore to serve a slightly more original haunting. The creature isn't quite as scary as it was supposed to be though, and once you take the cultural elements away, what remains is a template horror flick with decent production values.

Art returns home to reconcile with his father, who runs a Jewish funeral parlor. Things are looking up, but then a new body is brought in. A mysterious knife and pendant are hidden on the body. When Art accidentally destroys the pendant he sets a dangerous demon free that was sealed away inside the body.

The build-up is pretty decent and Park's direction is fine, but the demon is a little underwhelming and the film lacks real tension or dread. It's a perfectly fine horror film, but with a tad more care and focus on the horror elements this could've been a minor genre classic, now it's just pleasant filler.