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Alive and kicking


A capable horror anthology that brings together some very promising talent. The films lack a stand-out segment and the connecting story slows things down just a smidgen too much, but there are no weak entries and the film offers plenty of effective chills. If you want to know what the future of horror looks like, look no further than this film.

The Offering

2022 / 93m - USA
The Offering poster

A decent but simple horror film. What sets this film apart is the Jewish/American setting, drawing from their cultural/religious lore to serve a slightly more original haunting. The creature isn't quite as scary as it was supposed to be though, and once you take the cultural elements away, what remains is a template horror flick with decent production values.

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Art returns home to reconcile with his father, who runs a Jewish funeral parlor. Things are looking up, but then a new body is brought in. A mysterious knife and pendant are hidden on the body. When Art accidentally destroys the pendant he sets a dangerous demon free that was sealed away inside the body.

The build-up is pretty decent and Park's direction is fine, but the demon is a little underwhelming and the film lacks real tension or dread. It's a perfectly fine horror film, but with a tad more care and focus on the horror elements this could've been a minor genre classic, now it's just pleasant filler.