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Alive and kicking


A capable horror anthology that brings together some very promising talent. The films lack a stand-out segment and the connecting story slows things down just a smidgen too much, but there are no weak entries and the film offers plenty of effective chills. If you want to know what the future of horror looks like, look no further than this film.

A sequel to the first Nightmare Radio anthology. The concept hasn't really changed all that much, you get a handful of horror shorts that are linked together by a somewhat random story. If you care about coherence or thematic resemblance then this project is not for you, if you like a varied selection of horror shorts, have a go at it.

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A late-night DJ is hosting a radio show where she invites listeners to phone in and tell her a creepy story. In between well-intention callers, a creep is also trying to reach her. He keeps calling and seems to hold a grudge against the DJ. She tries to put on a tough act, but which each phone call she feels more threatened by the mysterious caller.

The quality of each short differs, there isn't much that binds these films together and most of them aren't too original, but with something different served every 10 minutes or so. With no shorts being bad or boring, the film offers plenty of treats for dedicated horror fans.