2006 / 93m - Denmark
Offscreen poster


September 13, 2023


Even though I used to be a major Christoffer Boe fan, the poor availability of Offscreen got in the way of me actually catching the film. After a while, I forgot about it and it never crossed my path again. It's never too late to catch up with films you missed out on though, and so, a good 15 years after it was released, I sat down to give Offscreen a go.

Nicolas Bro plays himself. A successful actor who contacts director Boe because he wants to make a documentary film. He gets a camera and he starts filming his life. The camera becomes an obsession and instead of making a wholesome romantic doc, it records the downward spiral he finds himself in.

It's a fun meta project that has a bit of extra appeal when you're familiar with Boe and Bro. The idea is solid, the performances are great and the film ends with a big bang. It's just that the DV setup isn't the nicest to look at, which is a shame as Boe's films are known for having glorious cinematography. Still a pretty cool flick, though not up there with his best work.