Also known as
Du Bei Dao
Hong Kong [1967] - 111m
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April 09, 2017


One of the first Cheh Chang films to really make an impact. It's not too surprising, the setup is quite distinctive, and a one-armed hero is something that can easily be turned into a franchise (a bit like a blind Samurai). It's no surprise then that Chang was able to make a couple of sequels. Sadly, the film itself isn't all that great.

Fang's father defended the honor of his master and school with his own life. His final request is that his son is allowed to enter the school. Fang joins the school, but the other kids don't treat him as their equal. A prank gone wrong results in Fang losing his arm. He leaves, but the gang who originally plagued the school is planning a new attack.

The film feels more solid than many of Chang's later films. The camera work is a tad more polished, performances are a bit more involved and the plot slightly more structured. These aren't reasons why I put on a Shaw Bros film though. The action feels a bit meager still, so I was a bit disappointed this film couldn't honor its reputation of martial arts classic.

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