USA [1970] - 172m
Directed by
Franklin J. Schaffner
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October 08, 2021


Biography about a boorish US army general who made a name for himself during WWII. I'm not big on army films, in part due to the crude characters army films love to promote. Patton is 100% that, a glorification of a man who got things done by being as blunt and pigheaded as possible.

The film doesn't give a full overview of Patton's life, but hones in on his army accomplishments, as he flanks the Germans by fighting his way through North Africa. Through some speeches and several battle scenes we learn what kind of man he is, which is pretty much all there is to this film.

I'm not 100% sure if intended, but Schaffner's portrayal of Patton is somewhat comical. A simple-minded army nut with crass one-liners who tramples through war like an elephant in a china shop. That's amusing enough for a while, but it doesn't fill three hours of film. The second half really drags, making this quite an ordeal to finish.

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