Also known as
'A' Gai Wak 2
Hong Kong [1987] - 101m
Action, Comedy, Crime
Directed by
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June 28, 2013


A solid sequel. It can't quite compete with the first part though. Without the help of Hung and Biao, all the weight comes to rest on Chan's shoulders. He tries to cushion the blow by introducing some strong female counterparts (namely Maggie Cheung and Rosamund Kwan), but they can't quite fill the void Chan's companions left behind.

There are still some stand-out moments here. The scene in the overcrowded flat is quite funny and the finale is another classic Chan scene, but overall the film was a bit too serious for my liking. The comedy is still there, but it remains limited to certain scenes. The rest of the film has a darker tone, which didn't always feel appropriate.

Chan's antics are strong as always, the fight choreography is laudable, but when comparing it to the first part, everything feels just a little less refined. It's still nice filler though, a film that offers plenty of entertainment and some memorable moments. Chan is starting to grow on me.

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