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Martial arts icon, famous for putting his signature on the genre. Chan isn't the most gifted director, but it allowed him to put the full spotlight on his trademark mix of action and comedy. And so his oeuvre is mandatory for action fans.



Sap Ji Sang Ciu
2012 / 109m - Hong Kong
Action, Adventure
CZ12 poster

Xinhai Revolution

Xin Hai Ge Ming
2011 / 121m - China
Drama, War
Xinhai Revolution poster

Crime Story

Zhong An Zu
1993 / 103m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Crime Story poster

Project A

'A' Gai Wak
1983 / 105m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Project A poster

A very nice surprise. I recognized some scenes from a Jackie Chan documentary I saw earlier, but within the actual context of the film these scenes were even more impressive. This is a true spectacle, where Chan lays down the basis for what would become a very fruitful and respectable career.

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The beginning is a little hesitant though, as the comedy alone isn't really strong enough to carry the film. But once Chan starts his usual action antics that part is soon forgotten. The bicycle scene, the tower scene and the finale are legendary and a testament to Chan's skills, both as an action hero as well as a director.

Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung make fine additions to the cast, a trio that has dominated 80s Hong Kong action cinema and has more than put its stamp on the film industry. This is one of the best Chan films I've seen so far, a warm recommendation for everyone who likes his action work.

The Fearless Hyena

Hsiao Chuan Yi Chao
1979 / 98m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
The Fearless Hyena poster


Ji Ji
1989 / 139m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime
Miracles poster

Project A 2

'A' Gai Wak 2
1987 / 101m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Crime
Project A 2 poster

A solid sequel. It can't quite compete with the first part though. Without the help of Hung and Biao, all the weight comes to rest on Chan's shoulders. He tries to cushion the blow by introducing some strong female counterparts (namely Maggie Cheung and Rosamund Kwan), but they can't quite fill the void Chan's companions left behind.

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There are still some stand-out moments here. The scene in the overcrowded flat is quite funny and the finale is another classic Chan scene, but overall the film was a bit too serious for my liking. The comedy is still there, but it remains limited to certain scenes. The rest of the film has a darker tone, which didn't always feel appropriate.

Chan's antics are strong as always, the fight choreography is laudable, but when comparing it to the first part, everything feels just a little less refined. It's still nice filler though, a film that offers plenty of entertainment and some memorable moments. Chan is starting to grow on me.

Dragon Lord

Long Xiao Ye
1982 / 102m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Dragon Lord poster

The Young Master

Shi Di Chu Ma
1980 / 101m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Adventure
The Young Master poster

Police Story 2

Ging Chaat Goo Si Juk Jaap
1988 / 101m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Police Story 2 poster

Police Story

Ging Chat Goo Si
1985 / 101m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Police Story poster

Jackie Chan: My Story

1998 / 74m - Hong Kong
Jackie Chan: My Story poster

Who Am I?

Ngo Si Seoi
1998 / 108m - Hong Kong
Who Am I? poster

Operation Condor

Fei Ying Gai Wak
1991 / 80m - Hong Kong
Action, Adventure
Operation Condor poster

Armour of God

Long Hing Foo Dai
1986 / 88m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Adventure
Armour of God poster