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Crime Story

Zhong An Zu
1993 / 103m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Crime Story poster

Dubious filler

The Big Hit

1998 / 91m - USA
Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller
The Big Hit poster

Kirk Wong tries to make a fun, hip and dashing action flick, but he clearly lacks the talent. Bad acting, cheesy styling and some less than stellar comedy hamper this simple genre film. Wong's good intentions and devout persistence to make it work are admirable, but it's a shame it never results in a good film.

Love to Kill

Yeuk Ji Luen
1993 / 87m - Hong Kong
Love to Kill poster

Not a great film. It feels rushed and more than a little cheap, luckily uber sleazeball Anthony Wong is there to make things a bit more bearable. His presence makes all the difference here. It's still not a great film, but at least Wong's performance brings the necessary grit, the only thing that kept me engaged until the end.