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Hong Kong renaissance man who is best known for his acting work, but also directed quite a few films. Definitely not the most notable or distinguished director, but if you like a decent comedy and/or action flick, Tsang has you covered.

Solid pieces

Handsome Siblings

by Eric Tsang
Jue Dai Shuang Jiao
1992 / 102m - Hong Kong
Handsome Siblings poster

Aces Go Places II

by Eric Tsang
Zuijia Paidang Daxian Shentong
1983 / 100m - Hong Kong
Aces Go Places II poster

The inoffensive

7 Assassins

by Eric Tsang, Xin Xin Xiong
Guang Hui Sui Yue
2013 / 103m - China
7 Assassins poster

The Loot

by Eric Tsang
Zei Zang
1980 / 93m - Hong Kong
The Loot poster

Worthy but flawed

72 Tenants of Prosperity

by Shu-Kai Chung, Patrick Kong, Eric Tsang
72 Ga Cho Hak
2010 / 99m - Hong Kong
72 Tenants of Prosperity poster

A typical Lunar New Year comedy. Take a large ensemble cast, a completely nonsensical plot (though it appears to be a sequel to an old Shaw Bros classic) and a trio of comedy directors to helm the project, and what you end up with is some trademark Hong Kong comedy chaos.

After defeating a group of malicious landlords in the 70s, Kung and Kin grow apart and become sworn enemies. They still live in Hong Kong 40 years later, selling phones in competing stores, but they try to trip up each other's business all the time. When a wealthy businessman tries to buy up all the stores in their quarter, it seems they'll be forced to work together once again.

The quality of these comedies tends to vary, 72 Tenants of Prosperity ends up somewhere in the middle. The constant bustle is quite amusing and there are some decent gags, but the jokes can be pretty childish too and the film's a pretty big mess with lots of ups and downs. Decent filler, but impossible to recommend unless you know what you're getting yourself into.

Ghost Punting

by Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Ricky Lau, Eric Tsang, Corey Yuen
Wu Fu Xing Chuang Gui
1991 / 94m - Hong Kong
Ghost Punting poster

Little Cop

by Eric Tsang
Xiao Xiao Xiao Jing Vha
1989 / 90m - Hong Kong
Little Cop poster

You Are My Destiny

by Eric Tsang
Yong Ai Zhuo Yi Ren
1987 / 90m - Hong Kong
You Are My Destiny poster

A decent Tsang film, although there's very little here that sets it apart from other Hong Kong comedies of that era. There's a lot of silliness, a negligible plot with romance, crime and drama influences and a can of actors who're not really out to win any prizes. It's short, easy and effective entertainment though.

Lucky Stars Go Places

by Eric Tsang
Zui Jia Fu Xing
1986 / 95m - Hong Kong
Lucky Stars Go Places poster

Aces Go Places

by Eric Tsang
Zuijia Paidang
1982 / 93m - Hong Kong
Aces Go Places poster

The Challenger

by Eric Tsang
Ti Guan
1980 / 88m - Hong Kong
The Challenger poster

Dubious filler

Those Were the Days

by Eric Tsang
Si Ge 32A He Yi Ge Xiang Jiao Shao Nian
1996 / 101m - Hong Kong
Those Were the Days poster

A rather plain coming of age drama that sticks to the script a little too closely. Some typical hurdles in the lives of a couple of young teens make up the meat of this film, but Eric Tsang probably wasn't the best guy to direct it. He is a better at comedy and clearer genre work, the drama here feels a little forced and overworked. Not a terrible film, but a little hard to recommend.

Armour of God

by Jackie Chan, Eric Tsang
Long Hing Foo Dai
1986 / 88m - Hong Kong
Armour of God poster

Big nopes

Mr. Viagra

by Eric Tsang
Wai Goh Dik Goo Si
1998 / 77m - Hong Kong
Mr. Viagra poster

Fatal Vacation

by Eric Tsang
An Le Zhan Chang
1989 / 96m - Hong Kong
Fatal Vacation poster

Irritation overload

Come Fly the Dragon

by Eric Tsang
Fan Dou Ma Liu
1992 / 102m - Hong Kong
Come Fly the Dragon poster