2020 / 97m - USA
A Quiet Place Part II poster


June 24, 2021


A worthy sequel. I couldn't remember much from the first film beyond its premise, but since we're dealing with a pretty basic horror flick, that's hardly an issue. Part II is a direct sequel that presents a logical continuation of plot. Bigger and bolder than the first one, but it also comes with slightly different focal points.

Now that humanity finally found a way to strike back against the creatures that invaded our planet, it's time to do some real damage. That's easier said than done, as our runaway family will have to find a working broadcast station to air the soundwaves that deter the creatures.

Krasinski makes great use of the bigger budget to his disposal. The creatures look (and sound) great, the complexity of some of the scenes is pretty high, and the cast is well above par for a horror film. There's nothing too original or surprising here, but if you're looking for prime horror filler, you can't really go wrong with this one.