USA, Canada [2003] - 84m
Directed by
David Zucker
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June 05, 2021


Third part in the infamous Scary Movie franchise. On paper these film should appeal to me. I love a good parody, the barrage of jokes is constant and there's no room for a more dramatic final act. Scary Movie 3 could've been a decent film, if only some of the parodies and jokes would've landed.

There's hardly a plot to speak of. The main aim of the parody is The Ring, but Scary Movie 3 also tackles a lot of other franchise (even ones that aren't horror-related, like 8 Mile). There's also a tepid romance in there, but since this film is just about the comedy, it's hardly worth mentioning.

The problem is simple: none of this is funny. The jokes are predictable, the comedic timing is horrendous, and overall the execution feels cheap. This film feels like a rush job and even though they managed to land some famous actors for this entry, it comes off as a lazy fan project. Not good.