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Top Secret!

1984 / 90m - UK
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The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear poster


1980 / 88m - USA
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A rather unpleasant comedy. The script has clear potential though, but it's one of those films that's mostly carried by its cast and they aren't up to the task. There are quite a few moments where I got the feeling the film had finally found its footing, but every single time it stalled again, failing to cash in on its setups.

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The plot revolves around a man who is planning to kill his wife. When she gets kidnapped it looks like he's been given an easier way out, what he doesn't know is that his mistress is trying to set him up. Chaos ensues as everybody is trying to double-cross someone else, even though they're all equally incompetent.

DeVito and Midler are letting this film down. Rather than being funny, they're just loud and obnoxious. The rest isn't all that much better, but at least they're not actively irritating. With a better cast I'm certain this could've been a fun film, now it's just a decently paced comedy with a solid premise, suffering from poor execution.

Scary Movie 3

2003 / 84m - USA
Scary Movie 3 poster

Third part in the infamous Scary Movie franchise. On paper these film should appeal to me. I love a good parody, the barrage of jokes is constant and there's no room for a more dramatic final act. Scary Movie 3 could've been a decent film, if only some of the parodies and jokes would've landed.

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There's hardly a plot to speak of. The main aim of the parody is The Ring, but Scary Movie 3 also tackles a lot of other franchise (even ones that aren't horror-related, like 8 Mile). There's also a tepid romance in there, but since this film is just about the comedy, it's hardly worth mentioning.

The problem is simple: none of this is funny. The jokes are predictable, the comedic timing is horrendous, and overall the execution feels cheap. This film feels like a rush job and even though they managed to land some famous actors for this entry, it comes off as a lazy fan project. Not good.