Also known as
Gli Momini, Che Mascalzoni...
Italy [1932] - 64m
Comedy, Romance
Directed by
Mario Camerini
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What Scoundrels Men Are! poster


October 30, 2020


Never saw an Italian film from before their Neo-Realism period, so when Mario Camerini's films came onto my path I didn't have to think twice. What Scoundrels Men Are was the first one I tried and it really took me by suprise. I expected a grim and dreary drama, what I got was a pleasant, agreeable romcom.

Bruno is a driver who works for a rich family. When he meets the girl of his dreams, he takes out his boss' car to try and impress her, but his date doesn't go as planned. The two keep bumping into each other though, but romance doesn't seem to be in the cards for them, as there's always something standing in between them.

The film feels light and breezy. The pacing is fine, Lia Franca and De Sica (didn't even know he started as an actor) have plenty of chemistry and even though the plot is quite formulaic, the film has plenty of charm and the short runtime makes sure it doesn't overstay its welcome. Not bad at all.