Mo Deng Bao Biao
1981 / 90m - Hong Kong
Security Unlimited poster


December 09, 2021


The more films I see from Michael Hui, the clearer it becomes that he was one of the pivotal figures in the Hong Kong comedy scene. Security Unlimited looks like a Hui family project, with Michael, Samuel and Ricky all joining forces to deliver what feels like a template Hong Kong comedy/police flick.

Chou is an old and bitter boss, managing a security firm team. His methods are questionable and when his superior sees Chou at work, he immediately demotes him, putting his assistant Sam in charge. Sam isn't the sharpest tool in the shed either, but somehow things always seem to work out for him.

I'm not the biggest fan of Hui's comedy. There are some decent jokes scattered throughout the film, but most of them are quite predictable and reliant on gross overacting. The plot is merely an excuse to cram in some sketches and though I haven't seen too many of his films yet, they do seem quite samey. That said, the pacing and runtime are perfect, and the film isn't exactly boring either. Decent filler.