1943 / 108m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Shadow of a Doubt poster


April 04, 2021


Not the biggest Hitchcock classic, but a very respected film nonetheless. I'm not a big Hitchcock fan and by now I'm pretty confident I'll never become one. This film too has a few typical things I just don't stomach very well, but at least it's not quite as dull and elaborate as some of his other films.

Uncle Charlie comes to visit his niece, also named Charlie. He moves in with them for the time being, but soon enough two other fellas come around asking about Charlie's business. Charlie's niece can't believe her uncle could be wrapped up in some shady business, but when she starts her own investigation she quickly starts doubting his stories.

Stilted acting, an overbearing soundtrack and a mystery that really isn't all that exciting. My main problem with Hitchcock though is that he is so obvious about his mysteries, dropping hints and winks whenever he can. At least the film stay well below the 2-hour mark, but it's far from a great film.