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R.I.P. (1899 - 1980)
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The master of suspense, personally I find his films too long-winded, bogged down by lengthy explanations and excessive foreshadowing, undoing any viable suspense in the process. His reputation is untouchable though, so your mileage may vary.

Plain forgettable

The Trouble with Harry

1955 / 99m - USA
Comedy, Mystery
The Trouble with Harry poster

Rear Window

1954 / 112m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
Rear Window poster


1948 / 80m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Rope poster

Shadow of a Doubt

1943 / 108m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Shadow of a Doubt poster

Not the biggest Hitchcock classic, but a very respected film nonetheless. I'm not a big Hitchcock fan and by now I'm pretty confident I'll never become one. This film too has a few typical things I just don't stomach very well, but at least it's not quite as dull and elaborate as some of his other films.

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Uncle Charlie comes to visit his niece, also named Charlie. He moves in with them for the time being, but soon enough two other fellas come around asking about Charlie's business. Charlie's niece can't believe her uncle could be wrapped up in some shady business, but when she starts her own investigation she quickly starts doubting his stories.

Stilted acting, an overbearing soundtrack and a mystery that really isn't all that exciting. My main problem with Hitchcock though is that he is so obvious about his mysteries, dropping hints and winks whenever he can. At least the film stay well below the 2-hour mark, but it's far from a great film.

The 39 Steps

1935 / 86m - UK
Thriller, Crime
The 39 Steps poster

I'll never be a big Hitchcock fan, but I clearly prefer it when he keeps it short and simple. There's also a bit more wit here compared to his later films, though it doesn't make that much of an impact. At least the British vibe makes the comedy a bit more palatable, apart from that it's just trademark Hitchcock.

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Richard Hannay tries to help a counter-espionage agent after a row in a theater, but when she gets killed he suddenly becomes the prime murder suspect. He decides to flee into the Scottish Highlands, but soon finds himself chained to a blond vamp who believes she's dealing with a real killer.

Performances are decent but a little stiff, the comedy isn't tremendously funny but acceptable. The story is pretty bland though and the intrigue didn't really capture my attention. It's a good thing this is a pretty short film, if it'd run closer to 120 minutes then I sure would've disliked it a lot more.

Big nopes

The Birds

1963 / 119m - USA
Horror, Thriller
The Birds poster

An incredibly talkative film that is high on conversation, low on thriller and horror elements. I'm not a big Hitchcock fan to begin with, The Birds only strengthened that opinion. Slow, dull and poorly written, with some terrible (often unnecessary) effects and empty characters. One of Hitchcock's poorer attempts, I'm at a loss how this film upheld its reputation.


1960 / 109m - USA
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Psycho poster


1958 / 128m - USA
Romance, Mystery, Thriller
Vertigo poster

The Wrong Man

1956 / 105m - USA
Drama, Crime
The Wrong Man poster

A Hitchcock film that comes with an introduction of the man himself, stating that this is a true story, yet crazier than most of the twisty thrillers he'd made. What you actually get is a pretty crude drama about a rather dull court case, the kind that wouldn't even make a headline (and rightfully so).

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Manny and his wife are living a happy life, though money is scarce. When Manny goes to a bank to find the money for his wife's dental surgery, the clerk mistakes him for a bank robber. The police take Manny into custody and due to some unfortunate coincidences, they think Manny is in fact the real culprit.

Hitchcock isn't a very capable drama director. The pacing is sluggish, the performances lack nuance and the plot really isn't as interesting as Hitchcock would make you believe. This might've worked a little better at half the runtime, but even then it would've lacked something to make it stand out. Bland's the word.

Dial M for Murder

1954 / 105m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Dial M for Murder poster

Strangers on a Train

1951 / 101m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Strangers on a Train poster


1944 / 97m - USA
Drama, War
Lifeboat poster

A very typical Alfred Hitchcock production. Put a couple of people in a small boat and let the story play out. But the writing is predictable, the acting is stiff and the thrills are few and far between. In theory this could've been a nice film, in reality it's tepid, dull and boring. Like most of Hitchcock's films really.


1940 / 130m - USA
Romance, Mystery
Rebecca poster

The Lady Vanishes

1938 / 96m - UK
The Lady Vanishes poster

One of Hitchcock's final pre-Hollywood projects. I can usually stomach them just a little better compared to his USA films, but The Lady Vanishes didn't do it for me at all. It's extremely one-note, setting up a rather simple mystery, then dragging it out for an entire film in typical Hitchcock fashion.

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When the Trans Europ Express stops because of bad weather, Iris gets to talking with misses Froy in a small hotel alongside the tracks. Once the train is back on its way, Iris notices Mrs Froy is absent from the train. She sounds alarm, but people pay little attention to her claims that and old lady is missing.

A missing old woman and endless conversations that ponder the mystery of her disappearance. The train isn't a very exciting setting either, not in the least because Hitchcock loves working with cheap projections. There are some twists in the final part, but even that was a given 5 minutes in. I found this incredibly dull, par for the course for my journey through Hitchcock's oeuvre I'm afraid.

Irritation overload

North by Northwest

1959 / 136m - USA
Mystery, Thriller, Adventure
North by Northwest poster


1946 / 102m - USA
Romance, Thriller
Notorious poster