1945 / 111m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Spellbound poster


May 10, 2023


An early post-war Hitchcock. The promise of Dali's involvement sounded somewhat promising, the reality wasn't quite as rosy. While these scenes are by far the highlight, they only represent a small part of the film. The rest is just endless talking on top of an overly sentimental score.

Dr. Petersen, a psychoanalyst, falls in love with her now boss, Dr. Edwardes. One day she discovers he suffers from a strange phobia, and upon investigating further, she discovers he is an imposter. Petersen has reason to believe he may be a murderer, and so she continues her investigation to find out the truth.

As is often the case with Hitchcock, the film drowns in endless dialogue, and it isn't exactly subtle about its mystery. Blatant visual cues and an overbearing soundtrack turn this into quite the ordeal, the runtime just adds insult to injury. I really don't care for Hitchcock's mysteries and characters, and that's all there is to Spellbound.