Also known as
Hong Quan Yu Yong Chun
Hong Kong [1974] - 106m
Directed by
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August 01, 2015


Another classic Cheh Chang/Shaw Bros collaboration. If you watch too many of his/their films closely together, they all start to blend. Even the title here sounds extremely generic, and that's exactly what you should expect. The good guys get their asses kicked, retreat, regroup and start their training, so they can repay the bad guys at the end of the film.

Every year there's a festival that unites the different martial arts schools. They come together, and their best fighters show off their most impressive skills. This is the first year the Manchu are allowed to join, so everyone is one edge. Especially when the Manchu leader starts getting involved in the proceedings of the gathering.

The action choreography is a little basic, the training are fun enough but nothing you haven't seen before, and the studio scenes look a little underwhelming. It's perfectly fine Shaw Bros martial arts filler, certainly if you have a strong craving for this type of film. Looking at the rest of Chang's oeuvre, there are many other films to plow through first.

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