Also known as
Da Dao Ge Wang
Hong Kong [1969] - 87m
Adventure, Musical
Directed by
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The Singing Thief poster


December 16, 2020


An oddity directed by Cheh Chang. If you've traveled beyond Chang's wide array of martial arts films, you shouldn't be too surprised that he also directed a few musicals early on in his career. They were quite the rage in Hong Kong during the 50s/60s, so the Shaw Bros simply couldn't ignore the genre.

A crafty thief decides it's time for a career change, and becomes a suave singer. An ideal setup for combining cheesy songs with a more crime-inspired story, though the two never really mesh together. In the end the thief's past catches up with him and changing jobs will prove a lot harder than expected.

Having seen a couple of these early Hong Kong musicals, it's quite clear I'm not a fan. Luckily the songs are mostly contained to the first half of the film, which makes the second part a little easier to stomach. Cheh never reaches the heights of his martial arts films though. He took a rather bold risk with The Singing Thief, but it just didn't pay off.

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