2021 / 86m - South Africa
Slumber Party Massacre poster


May 19, 2023


I never watched the original, but after seeing Esterhazy's Level 16 I was ready to give this film a fair shot. It turned out a lot better than I'd expected. Yes, it's another one of those horror films switching around gender roles, but it is so self-aware (and funny) that it actually worked in the film's favor.

A group of girls gets together for a weekend away from home. They drive to a remote lake cabin, where one of the girls' mothers was almost murdered by a vicious serial killer. Their plan is to get their revenge on the killer, but when they run into a bunch of boys staying on the other side of the lake, their mission becomes a lot more complicated.

Yes, it's all about the girl power, but the kills are solid, the film isn't above making fun of its gender reversals (that shower scene) and there are a couple of fun (though predictable) twists that keep things interesting. It's a basic slasher, but with a couple of amusing touches that make it rise above its peers. This is how to do a remake.