2022 / 106m - USA
Spiderhead poster


July 21, 2022


A decent, but very clean and polished sci-fi film. Don't expect anything too grand or futuristic, this is near-future sci-fi about a new drug being tested on inmates. Modern interiors and a nonexistent drug are all you're getting here, but it's enough for an amusing film, just not one that'll leave a big impression.

Tests are being carried out with a drug that is supposed to eradicate all bad human behavior. The tests are looking promising, but to make sure there are no nasty side effects, the drugs (and the test subjects) are pushed to their limits. Boundaries are crossed, and extreme risks are being taken.

Hemsworth and Teller are decent picks, but not ideal for their parts. The film looks slick enough and the pacing is decent, there's just nothing that really stands out. It's one of those films that passes the time perfectly fine, without trying something new or exciting. Decent sci-fi filler in other words.