2006 / 104m - USA
Romance, Sport
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December 03, 2023


Not as bad as I'd feared it would be. Sure enough, it's a very standard riches-to-rags story, there's not an ounce of surprise. But the execution is quite on point, and if they'd slimmed it down a bit further, I might've even given it a slightly higher score. Too much pointless drama in the final act ruined it though.

Tyler is a little thug who hangs out on the streets and steals cars. When he breaks into an art school, makes a mess, and gets caught, he is sentenced to do community service. At the school, he meets Lucy, an aspiring dancer whose partner just got injured. Tyler has a couple of dance moves and offers to help her out.

Again, the plot is as basic as it can get, apart from a little side story that doesn't belong there anyway. The dance scenes are fun (but not too spectacular by modern standards), the energy between Tatum and Dewan is where it should be and the pace is fine. I wasn't bored while watching, which is a lot more than I could've hoped for.