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Hot Pursuit

2015 / 87m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Hot Pursuit poster

A cop and a witness have to stay alive on their trip to Dallas so they can testify against a drug baron, surely not the most original setup ever. It's really just an excuse to pair Witherspoon with Vergara and draw some comedy from that, the rest of the film is so incredibly basic that you have to wonder if anyone really cares about the minor crime and action elements here.

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The chemistry between the two is pretty limited, Vergara simply repeats her role from Modern Family and Witherspoon tries, but isn't all that funny. Luckily there are some utterly weird and unexplainable moments in there (like the dear impersonation) that kept me on my toes and made sure I never truly tired of the film.

Fletcher's direction's a little unsure and I don't think Hot Pursuit really stands out amidst the legion of other films just like it. It's not all that memorable and because of that it's pretty hard to recommend, but it didn't really bore me either and for simple filler it didn't disappoint. Just keep your expectations low.

Step Up

2006 / 104m - USA
Romance, Sport
Step Up poster

Not as bad as I'd feared it would be. Sure enough, it's a very standard riches-to-rags story, there's not an ounce of surprise. But the execution is quite on point, and if they'd slimmed it down a bit further, I might've even given it a slightly higher score. Too much pointless drama in the final act ruined it though.

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Tyler is a little thug who hangs out on the streets and steals cars. When he breaks into an art school, makes a mess, and gets caught, he is sentenced to do community service. At the school, he meets Lucy, an aspiring dancer whose partner just got injured. Tyler has a couple of dance moves and offers to help her out.

Again, the plot is as basic as it can get, apart from a little side story that doesn't belong there anyway. The dance scenes are fun (but not too spectacular by modern standards), the energy between Tatum and Dewan is where it should be and the pace is fine. I wasn't bored while watching, which is a lot more than I could've hoped for.

Hocus Pocus 2

2022 / 107m - USA
Fantasy, Comedy
Hocus Pocus 2 poster

A pretty decent update of the original Hocus Pocus, though I will say I never saw that one as a kid, so I don't hold very dear memories of it. It's still pretty camp, but with a Disney 2022 spin on it, meaning it's all a bit nicer and cleaner than the original. On the upside, the production values have increased considerably too.

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Almost 30 years after their first appearance, the witches are making a return. This time, they're even more adamant to make Salem their own. But a young, budding witch and her two friends will do everything to stop their hometown from becoming the playground of these oldskool witches.

The "witches in modern time" gags are a bit lame and the Disney teen sauce isn't all that scrumptious either, but it's nice that they got the old cast to return and they are visibly having fun. It's not a very necessary or notable sequel, but at least it wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been.

27 Dresses

2008 / 111m - USA
Comedy, Romance
27 Dresses poster


2018 / 110m - USA
Drama, Comedy
Dumplin' poster

A somewhat sheepish and light-hearted drama that deals with body issues. Expect troubled teens, life lessons and an upbeat ending. Oh, and plenty of Dolly Parton. I feel I've seen this type of film too many times before, and without any stand-out performances or witty comedy there just isn't much for me here.

The Proposal

2009 / 108m - USA
Romance, Comedy
The Proposal poster