Été 85
2020 / 101m - France
Romance, Drama
Summer of 85 poster


April 15, 2023


I'm not quite sure why I lost track of Ozon's work, but he used to be a director who I kept a close eye on two decades ago. Maybe because his dramas started to feel a bit too pedestrian, even though the base quality is definitely still present, as that is exactly how I'd describe Summer of 85.

Alex and David are teens who first encounter each other during a little boating accident. They quickly become (more than) friends. The somewhat timid and green Alex is swept away by the charm of David, but he isn't ready for a steady relationship just yet. Their romance is short-lived, then disaster strikes.

The performances are solid but nothing special, the drama is a little predictable, and the styling isn't very memorable. It's an okay drama, that passes the time quite easily, but there's not much here that made a real or lasting impression on me. That said, I should probably catch up with Ozon's remaining films.