Le Locataire
1976 / 126m - France
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July 07, 2024


A classic Polanski featuring Polanksi. I'm not sure if it was smart of Polanski to play the lead, but at least it was pretty gutsy. I'm not the biggest fan of his older thrillers though. People tend to describe them as pretty weird and mind-bending, but I find them a bit tepid and underwhelming.

A young man arrives in Paris and rents out an apartment. He learns that the previous tenant tried to commit suicide and when he visits her in the hospital, he encounters the woman's best friend and he hooks up with her. From that moment on, the man starts to spiral and sees threats everywhere he goes.

This could've been a fun mind-bender, but Polanski's direction feels a bit too safe and restrained. There are moments where things get more interesting, but rather than build on them, the film slows down immediately after, never going full out. I didn't like Polanski's acting either, but at least there are a handful of memorable scenes. That's not enough for a 2-hour film though.