2022 / 130m - USA
Top Gun: Maverick poster


August 30, 2022


The newest Top Gun took 35 years to materialize, but apart from three of so smartphones it just as well could've been made the year after. If you like 80s action cinema and don't mind heavy nostalgia this film won't disappoint, if you're hoping for a modern upgrade, don't even bother with Maverick.

After screwing up a test mission, Maverick is on his way to early retirement, when his old pal Ice calls him up for one final mission. Not to fly himself, but to teach a bunch of younger prodigies. Maverick isn't entirely convinced of the plan, but since he has no other choice, he accepts the mission.

Cheesy music, lots of references to the first film, tons of unearned sentiment, a sense of cool that hasn't evolved for 35 years, and some action scenes that may be quite practical in nature, but aren't that impressive to look at. It's a film that belongs to a bygone era, I just hope it doesn't start a new hype because this was pretty horrible.