USA [1989] - 97m
Thriller, Crime
Directed by
Roger Spottiswoode
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April 28, 2021


80s buddy cop film. Only someone thought it would make sense if Tom Hanks was a cop and his buddy cop was a dog. It's really as lame as it sounds and time hasn't done this film any favors. It's really just generic shelf filler that goes through the motions simply because Hanks is a bankable actor.

The plot isn't much to look at. Turner takes on one last job before he is transferred to the big city. He has to try and catch a killer, but his best lead turns out to be Hooch. A dog. Turner isn't a big fan of the animal, but believe it or not, after some awkwardly scripted scenes they become best friends and as a team they're ready to go and catch the bad guy.

I'm not a big Hanks fan, so there's that. I'm also not a big fan of 80s buddy cop movies, nor of movie dogs. The bland attempts to mix in romance and even some drama fail horribly, the action is dim, the crime elements are lazy and the ending is so sappy it's almost embarrassing to watch. Not a great film.