Hong Kong [1980] - 101m
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March 02, 2022


Like many of Cheh Chang's late-career films, Two Champions feels a little obsolete. It's not a bad film (not too surprising considering Chang had been making these exact films for over 15 years), but it struggles to stand out within an oeuvre that is filled with very similar productions.

The Shaolin are facing the Wu Tangs once again. Two Shaolin fighters are sent on the mission one after the other, to aid the Qing empire in their struggle with the Wu Tang. They meet up and form a strong duo, but they somewhat underestimate the power of their adversaries.

Everything is done by the book, the film doesn't even make an effort to set itself apart. That's probably why it feels a little stale and unadventurous. There's a decent enough finale, some familiar faces and the pacing is fine, but if you're like me, and you've seen 70+ Chang films already, there's just no way I'll be able to distinguish between this one and about 25 others two weeks from now.

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