Also known as
Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles
France [2004] - 133m
Romance, War
Directed by
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
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January 19, 2022


Jeunet had a lot to prove with this film, coming right after the success of Amélie. A Very Long Engagement isn't quite at the same level, not as joyous or creative as his most famous work, but it is a lovely film that combines war and romance in the best way possible. The cinematography is warm and polished, the soundtrack is moody and stylish, and the cast is a real who's who of the French acting world. Jeunet's quirky style gives the film a welcome dose of flair, and even though it's a tad long, there is so much beauty here that I didn't mind the extra padding. A Very Long Engagement hasn't aged a bit, still as fine as the first time I watched it.

October 30, 2004


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