Also known as
Shen Tong Shu Yu Xiao Ba Wang
Hong Kong [1983] - 87m
Action, Fantasy
Directed by
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May 31, 2022


Cheh Chang treading on Yuen Chor territory. I don't think Chang is the best man to handle martial arts/fantasy crossovers, but The Weird Man delivers what the title promises. The fantastical elements are goofy, there's a level of oddness that is pleasant and there sure are some memorable moments.

The plot is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A power struggle between magistrate Gong and general Sun leads to the death of Yu Ji, a Taoist priest. Yu Ji may be dead, but his body is being protected by five of his disciples and his spirit returns to take revenge on the ones who wanted him dead.

The soundtrack is goofy, the material is slightly more fantastical than usual and there's a bit more comedy tucked away. The fights are decent, the pacing is solid and even though I've seen plenty of similar films already, I wasn't bored. It's a perfectly fine Cheh Chang film, but not amongst his best work.

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