music list pt9

The grand finale of this little series is nearing, but before we subject ourselves to the cold and chaotic realms of the beats and breaks-driven electronic climax, we take one last stroll past a selection of warm, grizzly and melodic tracks. While the level of distortion rises, we pass some lovely IDM tracks, hit some stretches of industrial and venture into the early outbreaks of breakcore. Enjoy!

Album cover compilation

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  1. 081. Proem - Place Gun To Head Airlines

    Proem cover art

    Proem's my favourite IDM act, hands down. Blissful melodies, slightly glitchy and distorted background sounds and ever so warm and fuzzy. It does everything a good IDM track should do. Music that feels like home.

  2. 082. Gridlock - Edit364

    Gridlock cover art

    Another favourite of mine. Edit364 is the perfect example of Gridlock's early industrial influences mixed with somewhat more experimental IDM. Melodies are pure genius, beats are nice n crispy. Track is heaven.

  3. 083. Architect - St Vodka (Mother Russia)

    Architect cover art

    Distorted beats taken right out of an industrial track, yet the melodies are cleaner and the track lacks the punch of real industrial. Very nice and soft atmosphere, while at the same time hiding a darker edge.

  4. 084. Cdatakill - No Brakes

    Cdatakill cover art

    Lovely distorted tapestry interwoven with solid melodies, breaks and cuts and eerie vocal samples. Cdatakill was never easy to categorize, but this track just seems to exist in a world of its own.

  5. 085. Detritus - Exogenous

    Detritus cover art

    Unusually clean track for Detritus, sporting beautiful pads and simple yet strong rhythms, without ever becoming harsh or overpowering. Works like a charm as an addition to a beautiful sunrise.

  6. 086. Enduser - End of a Beginning (Sublight Version)

    Enduser cover art

    If breakcore had any commercial appeal, Enduser could've been world famous by now. Powerful, solid rhythms and ultra clean melodies. Very sweet, yet strong and solid dancefloor swinger.

  7. 087. Keef Baker - Daffodil Particle

    Keef Baker cover art

    Baker's first album was a superb blend of IDM and breakcore. He never really reached that level of perfection again, but at least he left us with one magnificent album. Daffodil is the perfect introduction to his work.

  8. 088. Phthalocyanine - Thesis Essay Sitcom At A Funeral

    Phthalocyanine cover art

    Nice, beat-driven music from the Mu stables. Pretty neurotic track with a perfect build-up that keeps incorporating sounds a continues to add layers of madness to a solid melodic base.

  9. 089. Emotional Joystick - Ignite

    Emotional Joystick cover art

    Rather happy and jolly mix of up-tempo IDM with fuzzy breakcore rhythms and hardcore samples. A pretty unique mix of styles whipping up an extremely positive atmosphere. Makes me smile every time.

  10. 090. µ-Ziq - Summer Living

    µ-Ziq cover art

    Owner of Planet Mu and musical genius, µ-Ziq just needed to be in my list. Rather nervous rhythms draped over beautiful melodies with borderline melancholic atmospheres. Cuts through the bone.

just before the finish

And with that we've left the melodic part of the list behind us. If you don't like earburning chaotic electronics you better just skip next week's batch, but if you're up for some unrelenting brainbashing and mindrattling madness the final stretch will be a real blast. Be sure to tune in for the final 10 tracks next week.