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The Endless

2017 / 111m - USA
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
The Endless poster

Interesting mindbender that blends the traditional cult narrative with some freakier ideas. It's a bit too "everything and the kitchen sink", but there are great ideas in here and the execution is on point too. A bit more focus and a steadier hand and this duo just might get it entirely right one day.

The inoffensive


2019 / 102m - USA
Sci-fi, Fantasy
Synchronic poster

The new Benson & Moorhead is a solid film, no doubt a worthy choice for genre fans, but when they get too serious about their subject they start to lose me. Synchronic could've been a simple, fun genre film, but they clearly envisioned something bigger. And that's where things start to fall apart.

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Dennis and Steve are two paramedics who stumble upon a new drug. When Dennis' daughter disappears after taking the drug, Steve starts an investigation on his own. The drugs acts as a time travel mechanism, but as it doesn't come with any explanation Steve has to figure out himself what the rules are.

It's a silly premise and even though the film tries to come up with an explanation, it still makes very little sense. The time travel scenes are also a bit too complex for a little genre film like this, which takes away from the impact. Performances are decent and the soundtrack is pretty great, visually it's also pretty solid, but it's just a little too serious for its own good.


2014 / 109m - USA
Romance, Horror
Spring poster

Worthy but flawed

Plain forgettable


2012 / 93m - USA
Horror, Mystery
Resolution poster