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Something in the Dirt

2022 / 116m - USA
Something in the Dirt poster

Benson and Moorhead have been straying from the horror genre for a while now, Something in the Dirt takes things one step further and digs into full-blown mystery territory. With hints of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror to balance things out, they made a pretty unique film that defies easy comparisons.

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John and Levi are neighbors. They don't necessarily get along very well, but when they both witness a paranormal phenomenon they decide to make the best of it. They try to document what they saw while trying to figure out what exactly it was they witnessed. Their journey takes them to dangerous places.

It's cute that Benson and Moorhead took on the lead roles here. They're pretty decent actors too. It's a little hard to figure out the direction of the plot at first, but that's exactly what kept the film interesting, making it easier to invest in the plot and characters. And even when things start to take on a more concrete form, the vibe remains quite eerie, fuzzy, and mysterious. Good fun.

The Endless

2017 / 111m - USA
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror
The Endless poster

Interesting mindbender that blends the traditional cult narrative with some freakier ideas. It's a bit too "everything and the kitchen sink", but there are great ideas in here and the execution is on point too. A bit more focus and a steadier hand and this duo just might get it entirely right one day.


2019 / 102m - USA
Sci-fi, Fantasy
Synchronic poster

The new Benson & Moorhead is a solid film, no doubt a worthy choice for genre fans, but when they get too serious about their subject they start to lose me. Synchronic could've been a simple, fun genre film, but they clearly envisioned something bigger. And that's where things start to fall apart.

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Dennis and Steve are two paramedics who stumble upon a new drug. When Dennis' daughter disappears after taking the drug, Steve starts an investigation on his own. The drugs acts as a time travel mechanism, but as it doesn't come with any explanation Steve has to figure out himself what the rules are.

It's a silly premise and even though the film tries to come up with an explanation, it still makes very little sense. The time travel scenes are also a bit too complex for a little genre film like this, which takes away from the impact. Performances are decent and the soundtrack is pretty great, visually it's also pretty solid, but it's just a little too serious for its own good.


2014 / 109m - USA
Romance, Horror
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V/H/S Viral poster


2012 / 93m - USA
Horror, Mystery
Resolution poster