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I See You

2019 / 98m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
I See You poster

Another promising film from Adam Randall. It's clear the man has talent for genre cinema, for now though his films seems to lack that final bit of finish to turn them into genuine gems. It's a shame because for at least half a film he seemed on the right track, the second part of I See You was somewhat of a letdown though.

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The main problem here is the structure. The first half is all about building up a mysterious and creepy atmosphere, the second half is little more than revisiting earlier scenes and revealing their true nature. Randall leaves very little to the imagination and it's impossible to uphold the mystery when the plot is so set on killing it.

The soundtrack is bold and commanding, the cinematography sharp and atmospheric. The director clearly had a vision and the chops to execute. The cast is solid too, though both Tenney and Hunt could've done more with their characters. Everything is present to make this into a standout genre film, but it's not the first time an overeagerness to explain things away stands in the way of good genre cinema.

Level Up

2016 / 84m - UK
Mystery, Thriller
Level Up poster

A basic but pleasant little genre film from Adam Randall. He's slowly establishing himself as a capable genre director. His films aren't top of the line, but they're fun diversions that thrive on interesting ideas and are executed appropriately. Unless you're expecting some Hollywood blockbuster.

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Matt is a bit of a slob, Anna runs their household. When one morning she leaves for work, Matt hears tires screeching outside. A minute later, masked men are entering his apartment. When he wakes up, a device is strapped to his chest. Matt has to follow their orders if he wants to save Anna's life.

It's not the most original premise, but it adds enough mystery to the film to get through the first half. Once things start to clear up, the action and thriller elements keep it going. Performances are solid, the pacing and runtime are perfect, the ending fitting. A fun and amusing film, nothing more, nothing less.


2017 / 90m - UK
Action, Crime, Sci-fi
iBoy poster