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1961 / 100m - UK
Crime, Thriller
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Not quite as bad as I'd feared. And that was truly a bit of a surprise, as the film pretty much followed the exact outline I'd imagined. There's a lot (and I mean a lot) of talking here, which generally doesn't bode well for classic films, but somehow the drama was quite gripping.

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Melville is a successful lawyer, but he hides a dark secret. He is a closeted gay and his former partner is being blackmailed with a picture that shows them both in a compromising situation. Melville is married to the daughter of a judge and is about to receive a big promotion, so the picture puts him in a tricky situation.

The performances aren't all that great and the plot is pretty simplistic, but even then the film does get pretty tense towards the end. I probably would've liked it better if I cared more about purely narrative films, as a whole I still think it was pretty basic and dull, but at least some scenes did get to me.