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Dou Maa Gei
2014 / 96m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime
Horseplay poster

Tales from the Dark Part 1

2013 / 114m - Hong Kong
Horror - Anthology
Tales from the Dark Part 1 poster

Lost and Found

Tian Ya Hai Jiao
1996 / 109m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Lost and Found poster

Surprisingly good film. '96 isn't a good year for Hong Kong cinema, but Lee shows it wasn't all bad. There's some traces of Kar Wai in here, but also a glimpse of Johnnie To's comedies. The film looks pretty good, the soundtrack is nice and the acting is solid. No standout elements, just overall fine.

Magic Kitchen

Moh Waan Chue Fong
2004 / 105m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Magic Kitchen poster

Doctor Mack

Liu Mang Yi Sheng
1995 / 98m - Hong Kong
Doctor Mack poster

Another mediocre Hong Kong drama mixed with some secondary genres. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai plays a genius doctor who walks through life doing good for others, to the dismay of some. There are some strong moments, but the blend of drama, comedy and thriller elements never finds its footing.

Tom, Dick and Hairy

Feng Chen San Xia
1993 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Tom, Dick and Hairy poster

Not quite as good as the cast & crew may suggest. With 2 Tony Leungs in front of the camera and Peter Chan helming the film, my expectations were just a little higher, but in the end this is a decent romantic comedy with some proper laughs and passable drama. It's clearly filler material, but it's really not that bad.

Vengeance Is Mine

Xue Yi Tian Shi
1988 / 91m - Hong Kong
Horror, Thriller
Vengeance Is Mine poster

A simple revenge tale that is dragged out unnecessarily and fails to engage because the direction is so lackluster. Mediocre performances, bland cinematography and a slavish fixation on plot make this a very forgettable affair. A poor genre exercise that tries to be edgy and relevant, but doesn't work on any level.