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Hong Kong - 62 years old
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One of Hong Kong's prime action directors. He isn't as prolific as most of his peers, which allows him to give his films some extra polish. Lee doesn't have the most consistent oeuvre, but action fans are sure to find some great films there.

Rare treats

14 Blades

Jin Yi Wei
2010 / 108m - Hong Kong
14 Blades poster

It's good to see this kind of fast-paced martial arts cinema being revived.

The good stuff

White Vengeance

Hong Men Yan
2011 / 137m - China
Action, War
White Vengeance poster

A slice of tactical warfare that, at least to me, is a lot more challenging and interesting to follow. The climax is both exciting and emotional, the ending is smart and a small punch in the gut.

Solid pieces

Time Raiders

Daomu Biji
2016 / 124m - China
Fantasy, Adventure
Time Raiders poster

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon

Saam Gwok Dzi Gin Lung Se Gap
2008 / 102m - Hong Kong
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon poster

Dragon Squad

Maang Lung
2005 / 110m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Dragon Squad poster

What Price Survival

'94 Du Bi Dao Zhi Qing
1994 / 96m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance, Action
What Price Survival poster

A good indication of Lee's talent that would signal a fruitful career. A film with character, sadly the drama can get a little excessive, but otherwise I haven't anything bad to say about this one. It may deviate a little too much from the norm for those expecting a basic martial arts film, but that's hardly a negative.

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The plot is simple and feels like it was taken right out of a Shaw Bros production. Lee takes it a little too serious though, especially near the middle of the film, which slows things down unnecessarily. Luckily the fights look pretty cool. The editing and visual flourish may detract from the action a little, but it's all very cinematic. It reminded me a little of Ashes of Time, though I actually preferred the use of color here.

What Price Survival is the start of an impressive oeuvre, it's a shame Lee's latest films haven't been really up to par. If you're in the mood for some solid Hong Kong action, this one comes warmly recommended.

The inoffensive

Moonlight Express

Sing Yuet Tung Wa
1999 / 101m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance, Crime
Moonlight Express poster

Black Mask

Hak Hap
1996 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Sci-fi, Action
Black Mask poster

Worthy but flawed

The Climbers

Pan Deng Zhe
2019 / 125m - China
The Climbers poster

At times a decent blockbuster, but some scenes are so sentimental and over the top that it's closer to a genre parody than an actual bona fide adventure flick. Daniel Lee has the skills, but he needs to show a little more restraint if he wants to get back on top. This was borderline entertaining, but much more than that.

Dragon Blade

Tian Jiang Xiong Shi
2015 / 127m - China
Fantasy, Action
Dragon Blade poster

A Fighter's Blues

A Fu
2000 / 105m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance, Sport
A Fighter's Blues poster

Till Death Do Us Part

Ngoh Oi Nei
1998 / 99m - Hong Kong
Drama, Thriller
Till Death Do Us Part poster

Dubious filler

Star Runner

Siu Nin A Fu
2003 / 103m - Hong Kong
Romance, Action
Star Runner poster