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Horror/camp director who got big under the wings of Tarantino. Most of Roth's work can't make good on its promise and there are much better horror films around, but he did direct some absolute classics, so there's no ignoring this guy.



2023 / 107m - USA
Thanksgiving poster

Eli Roth does classic slasher. It has all the elements of a typical Halloween flick, but we're now dealing with a slightly different holiday (and a different mask). It's a tiny bit more graphic than your usual slasher, and that's about all the novelty you can expect from this film. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I wouldn't call it a future classic.

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In a small American town, Thanksgiving is a big thing. When a local supermarket opens its doors, people flood the place and leave death and destruction in their wake. One year later the town is still dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy. One person isn't happy with how the law handled things, and he is adamant about taking matters into his own hands.

And so a masked killer holds a small town in his grip during one of its most festive days. The kills are fun and the horror is tongue-in-cheek, but it's all a bit too familiar without ever being next level. There were also some typical American elements (like the rocker dude) which felt a bit out of place for a 2023 movie. Simple horror fun, aptly executed, but lacking anything distinctive or memorable.

The Green Inferno

2013 / 100m - USA
Horror, Adventure
The Green Inferno poster

Death Wish

2018 / 107m - USA
Action, Thriller
Death Wish poster

Eli Roth reboots the Death Wish franchise. As you might have guessed, it's a bit of a marketing stunt, not in the least because the series was mostly built around Charles Bronson's persona. This film does stick to the premise of the original film, but it could've been just really any other revenge story.

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Paul Kersey is a successful doctor whose happy life is suddenly turned upside down when his wife is murdered and his daughter is left for dead during a home invasion. The police isn't making much progress and when he finds a gun one day, Kersey decides it might be time to take matter into his own hands.

Bruce Willis is pretty decent and there are a couple of nice, brutal action scenes, but you can't help but wonder why they decided to revive this franchise. The plot is pretty bland, Roth adapts it as if it was a 90s video rental, and there's quite a bit of fat that should've been trimmed. Not terrible, but I sure hope we won't be seeing a sequel.

Hostel: Part II

2007 / 94m - USA
Hostel: Part II poster

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

2018 / 105m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
The House with a Clock in Its Walls poster

Eli Roth following in Rodriguez' footsteps. This "horror for kids" is pretty plain though. Sets and production design are nice enough, but all the rest is incredibly childish, unimaginative and boring. The fact that its based on a book is no excuse. It's a shame because it's clear this material deserved better.


2007 / 191m - USA
Action, Horror, Thriller - Anthology
Grindhouse poster

Cabin Fever

2002 / 93m - USA
Cabin Fever poster

Knock Knock

2015 / 99m - USA
Horror, Thriller
Knock Knock poster

Inglourious Basterds

2009 / 153m - USA
War, Adventure
Inglourious Basterds poster


2005 / 94m - USA
Hostel poster