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Tarantino is the man of pulpy references and silly dialogues. His love for cinema is apparent in everything he does, it's just a shame that we don't seem to love the same things. He's impossible to ignore, but I'm not a big fan of his work.


Reservoir Dogs

1992 / 99m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Reservoir Dogs poster

Pulp Fiction

1994 / 154m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Pulp Fiction poster

Jackie Brown

1997 / 154m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Jackie Brown poster


2007 / 191m - USA
Action, Horror, Thriller - Anthology
Grindhouse poster

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood

2019 / 161m - USA
Comedy, Thriller
Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood poster

Overly long and lacking direction, the first two hours are purely there to paint a portrait of an era. That's fine if you love the 60s, I couldn't care less really. The final 45 minutes are a small improvement, even so Tarantino isn't really wicked enough to pull it off. There are some decent scenes in there, but they fade way in a film directed by a man too in love with himself to make a proper cut.

The Hateful Eight

2015 / 168m - USA
Thriller, Crime
The Hateful Eight poster

Inglourious Basterds

2009 / 153m - USA
War, Adventure
Inglourious Basterds poster

Kill Bill 2

2004 / 137m - USA
Action, Thriller, Crime
Kill Bill 2 poster
Four Rooms poster

Django Unchained

2012 / 165m - USA
Crime, Western
Django Unchained poster

Death Proof

2007 / 113m - USA
Action, Thriller
Death Proof poster

Sin City

2005 / 124m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Sin City poster

Kill Bill 1

2003 / 111m - USA
Action, Thriller, Crime
Kill Bill 1 poster

This may be innovative and fresh for the regular Hollywood fan, but it's weak and uninspired for those who are somewhat familiar with the source material. As an ode to Asian cinema, Kill Bill 1 falls completely flat and ends up being completely inferior.

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Tarantino tries a lot, but doesn't succeed in anything. The attempt at a stylish ending in the snow ? Kitano does it ten times better with 1 single shot. Impressive fight choreography? Well, the film was released in Belgium together with Hero, so no comparison. The editing and shot composition? Actors are so incompetent that everything is edited to pieces just to disguise their failings.

So isn't there anything worthwhile? Chiaki Kuriyama was cool. The only one who managed to come across as bad ass. It's a shame she leaves the film in one of the dumbest ways possible. Tarantino simply isn't cut out for this type of cinema.