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Japan's animation anthologies tend to bring together the best in the genre while their live-action counterparts are more concerned with finding new talent.

Captured for Sex 2

Kankin Sei no Dorei: Ikenie 2
1986 / 68m - Japan
Captured for Sex 2 poster

I'm a big Ryuichi Hiroki fan and am well aware of his pinku past. I went in with low expectation based on previous experiences (Sono and Kurosawa came to mind), but got something worse than I was expecting. This is not your typical pinku film, instead it felt more like early Wakamatsu meets Guinea Pig.

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There isn't much plot beyond what the title already explains. A couple has car trouble while driving through the countryside. When they ask people in a nearby house for help, they are captured and held as sex slaves. The men there have a taste for S+M and their games become progressively vile.

This film is extremely unpleasant, as it's little more than a 70-minute extended rape scene. There is no plot, no relief, just a dry observation of perversions and rape. The film's cinematic qualities are poor and the runtime excessive, it's hard to believe one of the directors behind this film would be capable of so much nuance and tenderness in his later career.