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Jackass 4.5

2022 / 90m - USA
Comedy, Documentary
Jackass 4.5 poster

The .5 concept of Jackass should feel familiar by now. A bunch of outtakes and scenes that didn't make the official movie, some behind the scenes footage and a couple of interviews. If you just want more stunts these movies aren't for you, if you want to feel a little closer to the cast and crew, this is a perfect alternative to the main series.

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Because the 4th film had some unique cinematic moments, the behind the scene stuff was especially fascinating to watch. It was fun to see how they managed to shoot the opening and what craziness they went through to get it just right. The interviews were pretty fun too, though they didn't add a lot.

I never watched the series, just the films. Jackass isn't nostalgia for me, but it is a simple, uncomplicated good time, and that's something I can appreciate. The pacing is solid, the jokes are fun, the camaraderie pleasant. They don't need to wait another decade to make a fifth.

Jackass Forever

2022 / 96m - USA
Comedy, Action, Documentary
Jackass Forever poster

Apparently, it's been 10 years since their previous film. I never watched the Jackass TV show, but grew quite attached to their films. Though not very cinematic, nor very highbrow, there's a certain dedication to joy and entertainment that's rarely found outside their productions. This fifth entry is no different.

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It's a little strange that a "film" like this can secure such a broad release, but here we are. There's no plot to speak of, just a succession of pranks and crazy ideas, strung together for maximum laughs. The only constant is that the prankster love to outprank each other, which leads to some pretty insane setups.

The nice thing about this fifth entry is that they had quite the budget, and they used it wisely. From the hilarious Godzilla intro to the ball sack punching device and the explosive finale, no costs were spared to make the stunts stand out. That and the fact that watching professional stuntmen get crazy and dumb is quite fun, make this a fun watch.

Jackass 3

2010 / 94m - USA
Comedy, Action, Documentary
Jackass 3 poster

Jackass 2

2006 / 92m - USA
Comedy, Action, Documentary
Jackass 2 poster

The inoffensive

Bad Grandpa .5

2014 / 76m - USA
Bad Grandpa .5 poster

Bad Grandpa

2013 / 92m - USA
Bad Grandpa poster

Jackass 3.5

2011 / 84m - USA
Comedy, Action
Jackass 3.5 poster

Jackass 2.5

2007 / 64m - USA
Comedy, Action
Jackass 2.5 poster

Jackass: The Movie

2002 / 87m - USA
Comedy, Action, Documentary
Jackass: The Movie poster