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They Say Nothing Stays the Same

Aru Sendo no Hanashi
2019 / 137m - Japan
Drama, Mystery
They Say Nothing Stays the Same poster

Impressive second "debut" from Joe Odagari. Though he clearly benefited from his industry connections (Nagase, Aoi & Asano in the cast, Christopher Doyle behind the camera), it's equally obvious Odagari had a clear vision for his first feature. I hadn't expected such a slow and deliberate film, but the result is a tremendous mood piece that captivated me from the very start and didn't let go until the last credit had disappeared from the screen. I just hope this isn't Odagari's last film as a director.

Dubious filler

Looking for Cherry Blossoms

Sakura na Hito-Tachi
2009 / 65m - Japan
Looking for Cherry Blossoms poster