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Buddy Games

2019 / 90m - USA
Buddy Games poster

Josh Duhamel directs and stars in this simple but enjoyable comedy. It's not a first feature that's going to raise a lot of heads, except maybe because it's a pure and uncompromising comedy, something we don't see that often nowadays. It's all laughs from start to finish, minimal to no drama to mess things up.

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Bob and his friends organize the Buddy Games on a yearly basis. It's an Olympics for bro-certified tomfoolery. It's great fun, until things run out of control, and each of them goes his own way. Five years later, it's time for a reunion. The gang gets back together and the games are back on.

Josh Duhamel may be the man running this project, it's a vintage Nick Swardson comedy. He steals every scene he's in, the film really is a textbook example of his crude and often obscene sense of humor. Sure enough not everyone is going to appreciate this, but there are some fun scenes, the film is refreshingly light and it doesn't outstay its welcome. Not bad, but somewhat forgettable.

Buddy Games: Spring Awakening

2023 / 95m - USA
Buddy Games: Spring Awakening poster

A loose sequel. The Buddy Games themselves (what's in a name) are pretty much gone this time around, instead, the film offers a new adventure for the same group of friends (minus one, the plot killed him off). It's not the best premise and the film is wildly uneven, but there's still some fun to be had.

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Durfy died trying to become an actor, his best friends kidnap his urn and take it to the place where he had the best time of his life. When they arrive there, spring break is in full swing. The place brings back old memories and they remember Durfy had a vacation crush. A local bar owner tells them she's still in the neighborhood, so they decide to pay her a visit.

The plot is all over the place and the comedy is a bit cheap. Endless woke jokes and a childish focus on drugs and alcohol get tired pretty quickly, but the light and breezy mood makes it somewhat bearable. A step down from the first film (which wasn't all that great, to begin with), but at least it's another core comedy. A rare breed indeed.