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City of God

Cidade de Deus
2002 / 130m - Brazil
City of God poster

I liked this film a lot when it was first released, it's been ages since I last watched it though. It was still early days for me as a film fan and I was a little easier to impress back then. Watching it back, it's clear why I once loved City of God, but it's equally clear that it has lost some of its power over the years.

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A young boy who grew up in the favelas recounts the days when he was younger. He remembers the kids he grew up with, how they took over the neighborhood and reigned supreme for a while before a new generation began to dream of taking their place. Escaping this endless cycle of violence is difficult, but not impossible.

City of God is a pretty basic crime flick, though one that benefits from an interesting setting and cast. The performances are good, Meirelles' direction is slick and the pacing is perfect, but it does get a little repetitive after a while and it's not quite as shocking as I remembered it to be. Still a very good film, just not a full-blown personal favorite anymore.